The Global Legal Auditors initiative builds networking, conducts research, releases academic outcomes, and creates business infrastructure for law professionals focused on enhancing entities’ financial performance by mitigating legal risks and improving the efficiency of legal issues management, control, and audit.



We link colleagues worldwide related to or interested in legal audit issues.

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We define the Global Legal Audit‘s theoretical framework and set the standards for the practice.

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We create worldwide business infrastructure.

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What we pursue

Upgrade the Legal
Audit status

We promote the recognition of the Global Legal Audit as a professional specialty with its own identity, theoretical framework, and standards for practice.

Enhance legal issues management

We foster enhancing entities’ legal processes and controls, as well as mitigating legal risks by promoting taking action before troubles appear.

Disrupt paradigms

We are disrupting both the traditional Law formation and the audit practice paradigms.

Create value for society

We pursue the public and private entities’ funds’ efficiency and transparency.

Who we are

We are hundreds from 120+ countries

Many of us are actively participating in creating the Global Legal Audit professional speciallty.

Why partner with us? We address each stakeholder´s aim




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